Our State Board Refresher Course is based on individual need.  


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Student Testimonial for this course

Natural Beauty

"Vanessa, an instructor at Jama's who goes by Miss V., is simply the best there is at State Board. I had gone to a different beauty school 10 years prior before reaching out to Jama's Beauty College and speaking to Miss V. about finally getting my cosmetology license.  I told her that when I had gone to school I had not paid any attention and that I hadn't made school a priority.  I honestly let her know that I knew absolutely nothing that I needed to know in order to pass the State Board exams. She promised me that she would teach me everything I needed to know even though truthfully I was not confident I could learn it all in such a short time.  After only 30 hours of private sessions with Miss V., I passed State Board with flying colors and with confidence!  I would recommend her teaching to anyone!"


SHARILI - Student