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Mrs. Jama Williams

Licensed Cosmetologist

BBA from the University of Michigan

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A word from

the Founder...

Welcome to Jama's Beauty & Barbering College!


The beauty industry is exciting and majestic!  It offers a creative platform where we are able to transform and empower our clients' confidence by creating custom make-overs catering to each person's unique features.  It is beyond fulfilling to watch them shine with esteem and renewed purpose after we've demonstrated our craft...that's the magic a beauty consultant has in his or her two hands!   The satisfaction that comes from making others feel their very best version of themselves is priceless.  The beauty industry is an intuitive arena where we inspire people by incorporating their own beauty within our work.  A career in the beauty industry is both meaningful and rewarding. ​

The beauty Industry allows flexibility with your scheduling.  It's an opportunity to be your own boss! Many times you are able to work the hours that work around your family and make the income you desire.  If your passion is beauty, you're on the road to something special!  


I remember loving the beauty industry as a child.  I admired hair, makeup, and clothing that accentuated a person's best features, in other words, that “special thing" that made a person look and feel beautiful.  As a teenager, I found my friends and family looking to me for beauty advise and I was passionate about giving it and seeing how they would light up with joy.  I realized I was on to something and I set out to follow my dreams.


As a young adult, I valued education and earned a Business Degree at the University of Michigan.  I went to work for Corporate America and worked on stage while traveling in show-business.  I learned many beauty skills working as a performing artist which I applied in my return to the beauty industry in 2007 when I opened my first salon.

It came naturally for me to apply everything I learned from business classes to show-biz to my artistry as a Licensed Cosmetologist.  My business education and performance experience are aspects of my background that I continue to have strong desires to pass on.  I decided early on to give students the business knowledge of the beauty industry by adding it to the school's curriculum and it continues to be a favorite subject to teach.  


As a vital component of success in your business, what determines your client base; is your attention to detail and delivering results that surpass expectations.  Here at Jama's Beauty & Barber College we strive to achieve high levels of excellence.  We provide a safe place to build your confidence in yourself as you learn, grow and succeed in a positive learning environment. 


Jama's Beauty & Barber College was created out of passion to guide and educate new students in a supportive manner.  Preparing them to be successful licensed professionals as they enter into a rewarding career.  Our staff has heart! We look forward to educating, inspiring and mentoring you on your new-found  journey!


Mrs. Jama

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